Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a practical, structured approach that focuses on the link between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In therapy, learn how to challenge your recurring problematic thoughts and substitute more realistic and helpful beliefs. In addition, develop specific goals and tools (including exercise, relationships, and fun) to further improve your mood. Though it may sound deceptively simple, by changing your thoughts and behaviours you will begin to feel a lot better.

A Family Systems Model

How we behave and how we react to situations is very closely connected to what we learned in childhood. The roles we play in our families affects how we behave and how we treat others. Uncover these childhood patterns that are impacting your current behaviours, actions and relationships. With awareness and different tools, you can start making better choices and restore balance to your life.

Positive Psychology

What is positive psychology? Positive psychology is about pursuing well-being. Learn how to build meaningful emotional connections with people important to you and create a better, more engaged life for yourself. There are 3 components to well-being: involvement, meaning, and doing things that put a smile on your face. When people respond actively and constructively to the accomplishment of others, they increase their own love and friendship while decreasing anxiety and depression.

“Use your signature strengths every day to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification.”
– Martin Seligman

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness-based programs assist people in pain. By adopting mindfulness principals, you’ll reduce stress; increase relaxation; and improve the quality of your life. The 3 principals are: moment-to-moment living; non-judgmental awareness; and patience. Moment-to-moment living is achieved when you stay present and don’t worry about the past or future. Non-judgmental awareness is achieved when you treat yourself and your body with kindness. Patience is achieved when you’re non-reactive to troublesome thoughts and feelings. Using these principals, discover how to meditate mindfully and increase body awareness.

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