I have been a Vancouver-based family doctor since 1995, and have sent my patients to a number of counsellors over the years. I can quite safely say that there is no one I am more comfortable sending people to than Glenda Wallace. She has helped scores of my adult patients; as individuals and as couples, be they in their 20s or knocking on 90’s door. I recall vividly a man in his early 40s seeing me after he met with Glenda for the first time. He told me that he had wished he had met her four counsellors ago, and that she had helped him more in one hour than in all his previous counsellors. Glenda has the key ingredients of an ideal health care provider; she is kind, intelligent, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate. As a family doctor, I rely heavily on specialists and allied health professionals around me to help me to deliver comprehensive health care to my patients. Glenda Wallace is a key component of my health care team. I cannot endorse her more full-heartedly.

-Dr. Duncan Miller

As a busy family doctor in Vancouver, I regularly see patients who are struggling with emotional challenges in life including family and relationship issues, depression and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, to name a few. I refer those patients to Glenda Wallace for counselling because she is an extremely intelligent, insightful, empathetic woman and counsellor with a gift for providing effective guidance that produces results. Without exception, all the patients I have referred to her have been greatly helped by Glenda and have been extremely appreciative of her counselling. If you are looking for a counsellor in Vancouver with energy, enthusiasm and dedication and with a true talent for helping people successfully negotiate life’s challenges, I highly recommend Glenda. Those lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with her are fortunate indeed!

-Dr Jennifer Worsley

I am a full service family physician of 40yrs. I am also a clinical assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. I have known and worked with Glenda at UBC int the Communications Skills course for first year medical students.She is always well prepared and  brings a positive patient centred approach to the subject. She is eager to improve and make changes to the course material. She cares about her students and their learning.I have also sent patients to her and have been very positive in their feedback. ‘She listened to me in an empathetic and compassionate manner and helped me see possibilities for real changes in my life. She then enabled me to begin to make these changes. I felt empowered to face the future.’

If I ever needed personal counselling for myself or my family I would enlist Glenda’s help

-Dr Rick Wadge

I have been practicing personal injury law for over 19 years. I have seen how trauma and chronic pain can bring on many emotional complications affecting the health of my clients. I have had the pleasure of referring many of them to Glenda. I can say without exception that they are incredibly thankful for Glenda’s hard work, care and, most importantly, the results she achieves for them. Glenda has a special way of helping people work through emotional issues by providing them with the tools and the strength to face and overcome these issues.

I highly recommend Glenda to both friends and clients!

-Anastase E. Maragos

It has been humbling and wonderfully liberating to have Glenda point out the negative things that I tend to think and believe. Seeing Glenda has helped me to make choices based on what is true and what I want rather than making choices based on what I think my mother would say! My times with Glenda infuse hope and renewed vitality into my life and I have gained tremendously from her guidance. I am always glad that I made the trip in from Pitt Meadows!


I would like to say that getting counselling from Glenda has been a huge lifeline in my recovery from depression. She gave me the tools I needed to get past a very tough time in my life.


Working with Glenda has helped me immensely. Glenda attentively listened to my concerns and helped me to identify the thinking patterns that were feeding my anxious feelings. She helped me to learn that I can choose how much power I want to give to my perceptions, and how much I will let those perceptions guide my behaviors. Now when I think to myself, “I just can’t do it. I’m going to fail,” I remember what I have learned through my counselling with Glenda and decide not to let that thought guide my actions… Glenda helped me to own the anxiety I experience, instead of letting it own me.


I have had an excellent experience in my counselling sessions with Glenda. She is constantly warm and encouraging, focused and clear. I find myself leaving her office celebrating my


Glenda was recommended to me when I was struggling with post-partum depression over a year after the birth of my twins. Glenda is a very intuitive counsellor, listens well and offers valuable insight. She was never prescriptive and always enabled me to find my own way on my journey. Thanks to my work with Glenda, I have again found myself and have achieved the balance between motherhood and womanhood.


When my family doctor first recommended Glenda to me, I had been going through a very rough time in my life and he suggested that I talk to someone.  Although he had a number of counsellors he could recommend, he felt that Glenda would be the best fit for me.  He said:  “You’ll like Glenda – you won’t feel like you are talking to a counsellor”… And he was right.  From the very beginning, it has been a truly positive experience to work with her.  She has an accessible style that immediately puts you at ease, and she is able to create an environment that feels free of judgment.  I am immensely thankful that I was introduced to her.  Glenda, with her expertise and professional insight, along with her sympathetic ear, has been an invaluable navigator for me…


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