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Is your life on hold and you can’t get unstuck

Would you like to be more in control of your life?

Do you need a safe space to be heard?

Does something seem wrong, but you don't know what?


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A Greater Perspective

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Trying to juggle daily stress and anxiety as well as personal relationships can seem overwhelming and make us feel lost in a confusing maze. But you’re not alone. I offer Vancouver counselling services to help you deal with life’s many challenges along the way. And with greater awareness and a road map, you'll achieve a new perspective, create a better life and feel better.


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Conversations restore hope. In counselling, you’ll discover how to change old habits that aren’t working for you anymore and how to improve relationships with people close to you. Change can be scary, but I will help you increase awareness to move forward in a healthier direction.

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 17 years of experience, I have worked with adults, children, couples and families to find positive solutions to addiction, anxiety, depression, stress and personal relationships issues.

Virtual Sessions

I am committed to the physical and mental well-being of my clients and continue to offer secure video sessions during the Covid 19 pandemic to those who prefer virtual care. 

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We live our best life and feel most alive when we think clearly, feel fully, and act authentically. We are congruent with our values.

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It has been humbling and wonderfully liberating to have Glenda point out the negative things that I tend to think and believe. 



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Getting counselling from Glenda has been a huge lifeline in my recovery from depression. She gave me the tools I needed to get past a very tough time in my life.

- R.W.

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Glenda was recommended to me when I was struggling with post-partum depression over a year after the birth of my twins. Thanks to my work with Glenda, I have again found myself and have achieved the balance between motherhood and womanhood.

- S.R.


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501–1587 W 8th Ave, Vancouver, V6J 1T5

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