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I have been a Vancouver-based family doctor since 1995, and have sent my patients to a number of counsellors over the years. I can quite safely say that there is no one I am more comfortable sending people to than Glenda Wallace. She has helped scores of my adult patients; as individuals and as couples, be they in their 20s or knocking on 90’s door. I recall vividly a man in his early 40s seeing me after he met with Glenda for the first time. He told me that he had wished he had met her four counsellors ago, and that she had helped him more in one hour than in all his previous counsellors.


Glenda has the key ingredients of an ideal health care provider; she is kind, intelligent, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate. As a family doctor, I rely heavily on specialists and allied health professionals around me to help me to deliver comprehensive health care to my patients. Glenda Wallace is a key component of my health care team. I cannot endorse her more full-heartedly.

—  Dr. Duncan Miller