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Change can be scary. With compassion, clinical knowledge, and authenticity, I will help you increase awareness to move forward in a healthier direction. If you don't see an answer to your question below, feel free to email me or set up a consultation.

What is a Registered Clinical Counsellor?

Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCCs) are professionally accountable members of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) who meet the strict academic and professional qualifications set by the Association. RCCs all subscribe to BCACC’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Standards of Clinical Practice and have all successfully fulfilled the Association’s requirements with respect to education, supervision, and clinical experience. For more information please visit the BCACC’s website here.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor to see you?

Unlike with psychiatrists and some psychologists, you do not need a referral from your family doctor, or anyone else, to come and see me. You can contact me directly at 604.250.6701 or email me at

Is everything we discuss in counselling confidential?

The RCC’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Clinical Practice require counsellors to keep confidential their communications with clients. The only exception is when a counsellor feels that there is clear and imminent danger to the patient or others, when your counsellor or your file is subpoenaed in a court case, or if there is information shared about current child-abuse.

How much does a session cost and is it covered by insurance?

My hourly rate for counseling is $160 and the sessions are typically 60 minutes long. Payment is due in full at the end of each session. You can pay by credit card, cheque, e-transfer or cash.
Although counselling fees are not covered under the BC Medical Services Plan, if you are covered by your or your partner’s extended health benefit plan through work, visits to a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) are often included under those plans. Refer to your plan manual for details or call the insurer and they’ll be able to assist you.

Do you offer free initial consultations?

I offer a free 15-minute initial phone consultation in which you can ask me questions about my practice and I can get a better sense of your particular situation. If we decide we’d like to work together, we can then book a session.

How many counselling sessions will it take before I feel better?

In my experience, the counselling process is extremely helpful in improving outlook and mood. However, as everyone is unique and has different goals, there is no prescribed timeframe or number of sessions. Changing ingrained patterns is not a quick-fix solution. In fact, you may even initially feel worse as you begin to uncover, and become more aware of, feelings of loss and hurt from your past. The counselling process is a journey which, although without a set time frame for completion, is often characterized by significant and long-lasting personal growth and healing.

I work weekdays during the daytime. When can I see you?

To accommodate my clients, I offer evening sessions. MY OFFICE HOURS ARE: Monday to Wednesday: 8:30am to 4pm Thursday: 8:30am to 8:30pm Friday: 8:30am to Noon

Where is your office located?

My offices are centrally located in Vancouver near Granville Island at: 501 – 1587 W8th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1T5